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Nicole Kidman to play trans as ’The Danish Girl’

Actress Nicole Kidman (left) will play transgender painter Lili Elbe (right).

Nicole Kidman to play trans as ’The Danish Girl’
by Hannah Clay Wareham
Tuesday Sep 22, 2009

Nicole Kidman will take on the role of Danish painter Lili Elbe for 2011’s ’The Danish Girl.’ Elbe, formerly known as Einar Wegener, was one of the first known recipients of a sex change surgery (male to female), occurring in the early 1900’s in Denmark.

Prior to her physical transition, Elbe met and married illustrator Gerda Gottlieb. Actress Charlize Theron had been slated to play Gottlieb in the film, but dropped out of the project. Gottlieb often used Elbe as a subject for her illustrations, and more often than not included lesbian overtones in her work.

In 1930, Elbe managed to successfully change her sex and name, and the King of Denmark invalidated her marriage to Gottlieb.

Elbe passed away in 1931 as a result of complications from her fifth and final operation.

’The Danish Girl’ is based on the 2003 book by the same title, written by David Ebershoff. The film will be released in 2011.

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